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Case Study

Manabadhikar Shagstha Investigates many incidents and provide Legal Support to the Victims in Sensational Cases, some of them are described in brief:


Sibling test proved that the Ex- Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Anisur Rahman’s same time born so-called seven children not brother and sister each other

Bangladesh Society for the enforcement of the Human Rights – MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA is not only working for the helpless, repressed, and deprived but also playing vital role where irregularities, corruptions are observed. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA works by its own trends and strategy. One of the enlighten example is mystery of so-called seven children of ex deputy inspector general (DIG), Anisur Rahman and his wife Anwara Rahman.

On 25/05/2006 the executive director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, Advocate Alena Khan came to know from the reliable source about the 14 (fourteen) children of ex DIG and same time born so-called 7 (seven) children. In this context she went to ex DIG’s house in Bashundhara with 05 (five) members investigation team for primary investigation. It was seen that during that time there was no electricity, there were no candle and charger though these children are residing in that house, by the light of the mobile phone of all investigation team members it was seen that blood was coming out from the ear of one of the child, the environment of the room was unhygienic and while it was asked Anwara Rahman that if it was given 6 (six) immune vaccine to all of the child, then she replied in the positive. And it has been give “Ma o Shisu Clinic”. But after inquiry in that clinic no registered name was available there. As a result a suspect arises.

On 02/06/2006 the executive director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, Advocate Alena Khan filed a GD at Badda police station vide number-78 for DNA test of same time born mystery of so-called 7 (seven) children of ex deputy inspector general (DIG), Anisur Rahman and his wife Anwara Rahman and taking legal action after proper investigation. Subsequently on 07/06/06 she lodged another GD in Badda Police station. On the basis of GD no 78 dated 02.06.06 the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate passed an order for DNA test of seven children of ex deputy inspector general (DIG), Anisur Rahman and his wife Anwara Rahman from National Forensic DNA Profiling Laboratory, Forensic Medical Department, Dhaka Medical College. Though it was the order of honorable CMM due to absence of Anwara Rahman by showing the cause of illness and DNA test of none was done on that day. For that reason the executive director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, Advocate Alena Khan as plaintiff lodged a case under section 6(1)(2)/30 of Women and Child Repression Prevention Act 2000 (amended 2003) and the Officer in Charge of Badda Police Station take the case as GD. Subsequently this GD is filed as FIR. Badda Thana FIR number 14 (06) 06 dated 16.06.06.

Suddenly on 18/06/06 the BNWLA lodged a writ petition vide number 5359/06 at high court claiming the custody of 7 (seven) child. On the basis of this on 20.06.06 after our appeal to be petitioner party and on 25.06.06 the honorable high court includes us to the writ petition. As previous our urge was that DNA test of same time born mystery of so-called 7 (seven) children of ex deputy inspector general (DIG), Anisur Rahman and his wife Anwara Rahman to complete in Dhaka Medical College (DMC).

By the order of honorable high court on 27.07.08 so-called seven children of ex deputy inspector general (DIG), Anisur Rahman presented before the court and subsequent date was fixed on 29.07.09. But the honorable high court did not pass the order and instructed to present 07 (seven) children further on 06.08.08. After production of the children the honorable court passed an order to DNA test of seven children to collect sample for sibling test by National Forensic DNA Profiling Laboratory. After completion of sibling test the court gave the 7 (seven) children under the custody of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA and BNWLA at “Prashanti” shelter home. At present the children are residing in “Prashanti” shelter home.

Seven children are – 1. Jannatul Maryam Najifa, 2. Jannatul Nafija 3. Jannatul Tanima Rahman Nadiba 4. Iman Rahman Anis, 5. Nashef Akan Anis, (Usham), 6. Anas Akan Anis, 7. Daiyan Rahman (Ushad).

In the meantime Jannatul Marium Nazifa has died of Diarrohoea but other children are healthy and well. At last dated on 12/08/08 the report of the sivling test of the 7 children has ben read over in the bench of Justice Sayeed Mahmud Hossan and Justice Farid Ahmed of the Hon`ble High Court Division. The report revealed that the 7 children are not true brothers and sisters each other.

On 12/08/08 the honorable high court passed final order on the basis of sibling test report. In spite of the high court division is that these 7 (seven) children are not their, the lower court has not dismissed the proceedings of this case. This case is pending under the court of A. K. M Shamsul Islam, Nari O Shishu Nirjaton Tribunal – 4, Dhaka. After taking the statement of the plaintiff Alena Khan, the former Executive Director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, last dated on 07.01.2010, the cross examination of the last witness A.K.M. Waliul Islam has been taken a partly statement and the later date on 14.07.2010 is fixed for taking the next statement of the witness.


Fourth wife of Assistant Session Judge Mr.Shamsul Alam is severely tortured & detained at home

Advocate Alena Khan, Executive Director of Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights (MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA) came to know on 20/06/07 from reliable source that Nazma Akhter fourth wife of Assistant Session Judge Mr.Shamsul Alam including her son is passing life in distress without appropriate amount of food for sixteen days. Investigation Officers of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA rescued them & handover the key of home to the brother in law of Mr.Shamsul Alam. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA managed to send them to government safe home. In addition to that MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA filed two cases in family court on behalf of victim Nazma Akhter. One suit is for dower money and another is for maintenance which she is entitled.


Innocent Alamgir is captivated instead of Younus

On last 19/02/05 Alamgir was arrested by police of Hajaribagh police station bearing case no. 10(4) 2002 under section 302/34. Afterwards he was sent to court. Though being innocent he was detained in jail without trial up to 06/03/06. Knowing it from credible source investigation officers of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA investigated the fact under the direction of Advocate Alena Khan. Investigation team revealed that Alamgir was detained without any fault of his own. On 29/08/07 MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA filed a bail petition in favor of Alamgir. Then the learned Judge gave order to investigate it again. Police of Hajaribagh police station arrested actual accused Younus on 23/11/05. A bail petition was submitted once more on 05/03/06 from MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA on behalf of Alamgir which was granted and Advocate Mahmuda Akhter give Alamgir back to her mother on 06/03/06.


Two educated sisters (Doctor Rita and Engineer Mita)

The recent case of the two wise sisters who are doctor and engineer left their jobs and lead an isolated life for last seven years without proper food, clothing and they used to be in the dark, people used to call the house “Bhuter Bari” Both the sisters became very sick, they were on the way to die. Getting this news Alena Khan, Advocate, the Executive Director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA along with her investigation team members Investigation Officer A.K.M. Waliul Islam Lona and Legal Retainer Advocate Mahmuda Akhter rescued them on July 08, 2005 and admitted them in the hospital. Both the sisters are mentally and physically weak. They are still at the custody of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA. The incident became the talk of the country. The print and the electronic media people were continuously coming to the MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA office to collect the news of the two sisters, other people and organizations to congratulate MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, its officials on the occasion of saving the two lives. They became sick as some greedy relatives and some surrounding people’s pressure to grab their properties. Cooperation from everyone immediately after the incident and treatment especially Dr. Mohit Kamal, Dr. Khaza Nazim Uddin, Dr. Md. Badrul Alam, Dr. Abdullah Al Amin, Dr. Mahfuza Akther, Dr. Shehrin, Dr. Rakibul Islam Litu, Chief of the Dhanmondi Hospital Mr. Rana, Chief of the Prottay Medical Clinic Mr. Nazmul Haque, Col. Mahbub, Dr. Shailendra Nath Biswas helped them in their treatment. The house of Dr. Ainiunnahar Rita and Engineer Nurunnahar Mita is being renovated with the overall support of Dr. Firoj Mahmud Iqbal and the discussions with the friends of Rita especially with Dr. Jharna they are now moving forward to lead a healthy and well lives.


Life imprisonment of the innocent Kamola Khatun

Kamola Khatun and her second husband Mizanur Rahman of Sherpur were convicted for life term imprisonment on May 5, 1997, as they were convicted and found guilty of killing their son Faruk Hossain. However, on February 24, 2005, Faruk gave a statement to the Magistrate that he is still alive and filed a case against his father. Faruk lodged a case in Sherpur Thana on March 25, 2005 that his father Julhas Uddin filed a case against his mother after his father divorced her. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA investigated the case and found that his (Faruk) father filed a false case against his mother and step-father that they killed him. He was kept at his grand father’s house in hiding. When he grew up he understood that his father made a conspiracy and put his mother in jail. So he filed a case against his father and rescued his mother and step-father from jail by the initiative of the legal aid cell of the Ministry of Law and with the help of some NGOs through court.


Life imprisonment of the innocent Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim of Monirampur Upazila in the Jessore district was convicted for 49 years in a false trafficking case on 8 August, 2002. Sigma Huda, Advocate the honorable secretary General of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA and Alena Khan, Advocate the Executive Director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA are the members of the Legal Aid Support organization of the Ministry of Law, Justice and the Parliamentary affairs. After the case was brought into the Ministry’s notice, they requested MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA to investigate the case and provide legal support. Alena Khan, Advocate along with the help of the Jessore and Jhinedah branches of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA investigated the case and it was proved that the accused Abdul Karim did not take any initiative to traffic his wile. Alena Khan, Advocate even talked to the so called trafficked Rabeya Khatun alias Nargis, the wife of Abdul Karim. She also met Abdul Karim at the Jessore Jail.

After the investigation was over the Jessore and Jhinedah Branches of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA are now giving legal aid support for ensuring justice to the innocent Abdul Karim. The father-in -law of Karim filed the false case against him in conspiracy with his wife and for this reason a case has been filed against them and they are at the jail now. The timely intervention of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA has enabled the innocent Abdul Karim to wait for justice.


Death Sentence of the innocent Shah Alam Babu

Manabadhikar Sangstha is now providing support for conducting investigation support along with giving legal aid to Shah Alam Babu, who was falsely accused of murdering Liakat Hossain on March 14, 1998. Shah Alam Babu was accused by the investigating officer (Police) by involving him as alias Sundar Babu replacing the original killer in the case, who was actually responsible for the murder. As a result, innocent Shah Alam Babu was sentenced to death following the trial. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA investigated the case, brought out the truth in daylight that the innocent Shah Alam is waiting to face death sentence in the Dhaka Central Jail. The Executive Director Alena Khan, Advocate along with the Project Director and other investigators found out the truth. The actual killer is in the jail now and the innocent Shah Alam is waiting to be out of the jail getting justice by the court with the help of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA. The real killer was revealed and is in the jail as the investigation team of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA found out the real incidence on 12 March, 2005. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA has filed a case in the High Court to save the innocent Shah Alam and punish the culprit Sundar Babu. The case # is: Criminal Misc. (Suo-Moto Rule) No3196 of 2005 the state (Alena Khan, Advocate, the petitioner vs. Rezaul Karim, the Police Investigation Officer and others). The case filing and hearing is being done by Sigma Huda, Advocate. On 29.08.06, Justice Md. Iman Ali and Justice Falur Rahman of the Hon`ble High Court Division directed the Inspector General and Police Commissioner Dhaka to take Legal action against the officer-in-charge of Hazaribagh thana and former investigation officer. At the same time, The Hon’ble High Court Division told about the Additional Metropolitan Session Judge had the lacking of fundamental and criminal Justice knowledge and he did not exercise judicial function mindfully innocent, not guilty but accused Shah Alam Babu who was given death penalty has acquitted from this case.


TanBazar case

1,000 prostitutes of Tan Bazar brothels in Narayanganj were evicted forcefully on 23 July, 1999. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, along with other human rights organizations, fought for the rehabilitation of the prostitutes, investigated the incidence and lodged a case in court. Advocate Sigma Huda and Advocate Alena Khan gave legal support for the case.


Jalal Murder case

Jalal’s body was found in a water tank of DB police headquarters in 36 Minto Road , Dhaka on March 25, 1999 . An UD case was filed on the same day at the Ramna Thana. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, alongside the police, conducted investigation and gave all out legal aid support to the victim including rescuing the dead body, identifying the body and other relevant activities. A police Inspector along with two other police personnel were arrested as the criminals.


Tania Rape case

A 6- year old Tania was raped at Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court police control room on March 10, 1998. Alena Khan Advocate, Executive Director of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA investigated the case and provided all out co-operation for the treatment to the victim. Advocate Abdullah-AL-Mamun, G.S, Dhaka Bar Association, filed the case. Advocate Alena Khan was a witness to this case. Dated on 25.07.06 Mrs. Nurun Nahar, the Nari-o-Sishu Niarjatan Daman special Tribunal Adalat No-3 gave a judgment of the Tania rape case. In the judgment of this case the Hon`ble court acquitted the accused not guilty Obaidul Huq Mara. It is mentioned that As Obaidul Huq Mara was not involved in this case; the police report was challenged by this organization. Then Obaidul Huq Mara was protected from this case on the basis of the investigation report and given evidence.


Rubel Murder case

Shamim Reza Rubel, a student of Independent university, was killed by Detective Branch (DB) police torture on July 23, 1998. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA provided legal aid to the victim after conducting investigation about the affair and supported the family of the victim fully from the very beginning of the case. Finally the court punished the criminals.


Yasmin Rape case

Yasmin, a 15-year-old girl, was gang-raped and killed by the police on August 24, 1995 at Dashmile in Dinajpur. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA through the Dinajpur Branch provided legal aid support to the victim after conducting an investigation. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA also provided legal support along with some other organizations. The court finally gave the verdict to execute the three criminals and the death penalty was made effective in 2004.


Sima Rape case

Seema Chowdhury, a 14 years old girl, was gang-raped by the police at Rawzan Thana of Chittagong at mid night on October 9, 1996. She died on February 17, 1997, while in safe custody in Chittagong jail. A case was filed in the rape event and all the criminals got release from the case. The investigations conducted in regard to this case were faulty. Advocate Alena Khan filed a case accusing three police officers on 24 July 1997. The high court ordered the continuation of the case. Alena Khan, Advocate filed a case to transfer the case to relocate from Chittagong. The honorable High Court transferred the case to Comilla. Special case no.19/05. The Learned Special Judges court unlawfully and wrongly acquitted the accused no-3, the former officer in charge of Rauzan thana on the basis of the letter issued from the office of the rime Minister in this behalf. The Plaintiff Alena Khan filed a Revision against the order which number is 32/2007. The Hon`ble High Court Division stayed the proceeding of the special case no-19/05 pending in the District and session Judges Court Comilla until the rule of this revision case was dismissed.


Unlawful Detention of Falu Miah

Falu Miah (32) was arrested by the Savar Thana police on August 27, 1972 in the charge of theft. Two final reports were submitted in favor of Falu Miah in 1972. Though a charge sheet was produced Falu Miah was never produced at the court by the jail authority. He was held captive in jail for 21 years and 8 months without any trial. Advocate Alena Khan, ED of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, appealed to the court and presented herself as a witness. Subsequently, Falu Miah was released on November 14, 1993. Later MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, on the behalf of Falu Miah, lodged a case of compensation from the government, for the illegal detention. The court demanded that the government pay TK. 3.44.333 (three Lac forty four thousand three hundred and thirty three) to Falu Miah. The Government appealed at the district Judge Court on 23/08/04 and lost in that too. The appeal was rejected on 25/08/2004. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA is still providing legal support on behalf of Falu Miah to his wife as he died on May 07, 2001. The present organization filed a money decree no- 02/05 by included Sirazam Munira as a decree holder. At present when the notice was issued by the learned court to know about the name, address and the present condition of the judgment Debtor then it was found that many judgment debtor have died and retired. So the present address was not known. The state has filed a petition the court to give decree money and amended of plaint. The date was fixed on 20.06.10 for hearing of the petition. The Secretary General of the present organization, Advocate Sigma Huda is directing this suit and other Lawyers are helping her.


Bandartilla incident

A number of innocent persons were tortured and their houses were burnt by Bangladesh Navy-men at Bandartilla in Chittagong on January 2 and 3, 1993 to grab the land. MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA conducted an investigation of the incident, asked compensation for the victims and Advocate Sigma Huda, Secretary General, provided legal aid and support to the victims. It was the first case against the Navy in Bangladesh. The accused went to the High Court and the Secretary General Sigma Huda provided legal support for the victims in the High Court. Barrister Salimul Haque milky, the President of Chittagong Branch of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, Advocate Zia Habib Ahsan and Md. Sharif Uddin Advocate are providing legal support in the lower court. The case is at the witness phase at this moment.



Azmat was arrested by police in 1977, charged with the crime of selling smuggled foreign cigarettes. He was a poor and innocent boy living in sheer poverty. He did not know that selling foreign cigarrets is illegal. Moreover, he was sentenced to five day imprisonment but without any reasonable cause he was confined in the Jail Hazat for ten years. Barrister Nazmul Huda and Advocate Sigma Huda, co-founders of MANABADHIKAR SANGSTHA, investigated the case and provided legal aid support to the victim, who was finally acquitted. This was the first case of the organization which actually encouraged the organization to move forward.