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Election Monitoring

Monitoring Activities of  Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha (BMBS)

‘Bangladesh Manobadhikar Bastobayan Sangstha-BMBS’ (in English – Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights – BSEHR) is the pioneer and leading organization in Bangladesh, established on the 10th of December, 1977, to work on establishing and protecting Human Rights of the poor and vulnerable women, men and children in Bangladesh.


  • BMBS’s approach to election-related programming seeks to maximize the opportunities presented by elections to help advance democratic progress.

BMBS recognizes that:

  • Genuine elections are not merely a technical endeavor; they are a fundamental human right linked to a broad array of institutions and the ability of citizens to exercise other civil and political rights;
  • Elections are a periodic test of the strength of democratic institutions, and they illuminate the underlying nature of the competition for political power in a country;
  • Elections are a vehicle for the participation of citizens in the democratic process, and they help to build capacities that are central to achieving accountable, democratic governance;
  • Elections are part of making democracy deliver a better quality of life by linking voters’ interests to the act of selecting a candidate, party or policy through public discourse and balloting; and
  • Elections are a means for managing the potentials for violent conflict and advancing human security

Election Monitoring: Vision and Mission

  • A democratic society with an empowered citizenry that ensures accountability and transparency in governance.


  • Implementation of a citizen-based and non-partisan programme of action for awareness creation, advocacy and monitoring elections in all parts of the country.

Election Monitoring Objectives

  • To motivate and encourage voters to exercise their basic democratic right to vote.
  • To promote a community effort that would prevent violence and malpractices before, during and after elections.
  • To undertake monitoring of elections to observe the conduct of polls in the country in many areas as possible and record and document any abuses and violations of the election law.
  • To make recommendations for improvement of the existing processes and institutions pertaining to elections
  • To educate voters in order promote civic consciousness that helps in establishing and maintaining standards of good governance in the country.
  • To propagate values and criteria for selection of candidates and voting that would help in electing a political leadership and representatives who are free of corruption and fully accountable to the people.

BMBS Election Monitoring endeavor

  • Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha was involved in election monitoring since 1998. The organization started first monitoring activities in Belabo in Narshindi.

The organization deployed so far around 8,000 election observers since 1998.

The major Election Monitoring endeavors are as follows:

  • Pabna-2 By-Elections in 1998: BMBS deployed 50 observers to monitor this election
  • 2001 National Election: BMBS deployed 1650 observers in 106 constituencies through Election Monitoring Working Group, Funded by the Asia Foundation
  • 2003 Union Parishad Election: BMBS deployed 6060 stationery observers in 606 UPs in 120 Upazilla under 17 Districts through NIPOM, Funded by the DANIDA-HRGG-PSU
  • 2008 National Election: BMBS deployed about 100 observers in Moulovibazar, Nator, Dinajpur, Pabna, Coxsbazar, Chittagong, Mymensing, Faridpur, Munshiganj and Rangamati
  • 2015 City Corporation Elections: BMBS deployed 58 observers in Dhaka North, Dhaka South and Chittagong City Corporation.

Major Activities

  • Opinion Poll
  • Survey
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Election Day observation
  • Post Election Monitoring
  • Voter Awareness Programme
  • Civic Voter Education
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Election Monitoring Museum (Proposed)

Contact Point Mostafa Sohel (Election & Governance Specialist)

Telephone:+88 02 9568224