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Message From Chairman Desk

Today a mile stone is being created. We are going on the web to make our services available globally especially those Bangladeshi origin different nationalities living outside Bangladesh. Manabadhikar was created way back in 1977 by myself and my husband, Nazmul Huda, Bar- at- law with the vision and desire to extend legal support to the under privileged and downtrodden disadvantaged segment of the society in two ways: a) introduce and make popular the law of torts as the use of tort seeking damages by civil action would actually benefit the victims personally for injuries caused to them while the criminal action would ensure punishment for violating State laws; b) provide legal support in all violations including support to the victims of domestic violence, family disputes, land disputes, discrimination on specific unwarranted grounds, illegal termination from services etc. to those who are victims of false cases or have no means to appoint lawyers to defend them. We extend our support to those under trial prisoners who are confined for long period of time without facing any trial.

Thus, with these two visions in mind, we floated the very first human rights protection and promotion organization in Bangladesh way back in 1977. We named the organization “Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha” (in English: Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights) which, since its inception, has today, over 358 chapters all over the country and two chapters in the USA and the UK. We have not only protected victims of oppression but have successfully conducted and are conducting successfully cases to benefit society in the form of Public Interest Litigation. One such writ has managed to get the mother’s name of an individual to be recorded in all public documents; we also obtained release of forgotten prisoners remaining in jail for long periods without ever seeing any trial or for being in custody without any valid or legal grounds.

The Manabadhikar has come a long way and is continuously upgrading its services for the betterment of the people. Advocacy, investigation and mediation are the strengths of the society which has endeared it to the public. I wish Manabadhikar/BSEHR success in promoting its works and achievements through its website and make it more popular amongst the people of the world.


Advocate Sigma Huda

Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha