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Manabadhikar History

About Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha


‘Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha’ (in English: Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights – BSEHR) is the pioneer and leading organization in Bangladesh, established on the 10th of December, 1977, to work on establishing and protecting Human Rights of the poor and vulnerable women, men and children in Bangladesh. This organization believes that human-rights are the basic elements of human development as well as of the social and economic development of a country. Manabadhikar recognizes the fact that these rights have been incorporated into the Constitution as fundamental principles of state policy and fundamental rights of all persons. Most codified laws are also in force to protect the rights of the citizens and the persons living in Bangladesh but at the same time, it is convinced that due to the lack of proper enforcement these laws have been rendered ineffectual. The root causes of the violation of human rights are the lack of knowledge and the lack of voice of the people and poor governance in the government agencies. For total development of the country, it is essential that endeavors are taken to instill the respect and knowledge of the laws, rights and obligations amongst the public. This is possible through the enforcement and promotion of Human Rights and as such Manabadhikar sees itself as a force and partner of choice in this movement and dedicate itself to promoting the administration of justice, the Rule of Law and secure legal guarantees for the protection of the basic Human Rights of persons in Bangladesh. To achieve the objectives, the Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Sangstha (Manabadhikar) has a membership of 7,682 voluntary activists in its 358 Chapters located at City Corporations, districts and sub-district level. This makes Manabadhikar an effective tool in guaranteeing access to justice for all irrespective of gender, class, ethnicity etc. This organization has been registered in 1978 under the Societies Act, 1860 and again registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare in 1989 and with the NGO Affairs Bureau in 1984.