Manabadhikar Bhaban
04, College Road,
Shahbagh, Dhaka-1000,
Telephone: +88 02 9568224
Fax: +88 02 9513836


Why Join Manabadhikar

Human Rights meadow is emerging and has many scopes to work for the humanity.

There is a huge variety of roles, including research, investigation, mediation, court cases, movement, public relations, fundraising, finance, administration, advocacy, networking, liaising, communication, lobbying and education etc.

Whatever role you are interested in, and whatever your qualifications, getting into Human Rights work are highly competitive. You will need to have relevant experience, which is generally gained on a voluntary basis, through internships or other involvement with a human rights organization. Anyone can get into human rights from any field and find their role.

BSEHR is a pioneer Human Rights organization working in Bangladesh where you can join. Because-

  • Manabadhikar has 358 branches and over 8000 human rights defenders in all over the Country. Volunteers are involved in a lot of different roles in campaigning, court cases, mediation and general support.
  • We frequently have openings for human rights researchers, field investigators, and advocates, either based in our headquarters or in one of our other offices around the Country. We also hire administrative support staff, trainer, managers and project officers for our project offices and senior management staff, and communications, fundraising and operations staff. Graduates who got at least several years work experiences usually fill administrative positions, but for professional positions, most of our staff comes to us with at least several years of experience, including varied experience and skills in human rights investigation, reporting, and activism. Typically for professional positions we seek related graduate-level coursework, NGO or non-profit work or internship experience, field experience, research and communications skills, international exposure, relevant language fluency, good judgment, and organizational and interpersonal skills.We lobby Parliament, exposing laws that undermine civil liberties and human rights, and working with politicians to correct them. We challenge unjust laws and we provide advice to the public, voluntary sector organizations and lawyers through our expertise.
  • We run events about contemporary human rights issues throughout the year, and provide human rights training and other practical tools to organizations which represent or provide public services to socially excluded and disadvantaged groups. BSEHR conducts research on HR fact findings mechanism and develops policy about human rights and their potential to help tackle problems of social and economic exclusion.
  • BSEHR works for the respect and promotion of human rights throughout the Country. Our work includes the socialization of human rights related information and analysis through the internet and other media, the promotion of prosecutions of human rights violators and the support of local human rights NGOs and activists.
  • BSEHR also offer undergraduate and graduate internships. Graduate interns will mainly research and monitor human rights developments in various districts draft and / or assist in drafting reports on human rights conditions, and engage in lobbying and advocacy efforts aimed at stopping abuse and changing policy. Undergraduate internships are primarily administrative and clerical in nature, but project-work can be assigned in accordance with the student’s interests and abilities e.g. research, drafting documents, translating, and helping offices.
  • BSEHR has clear focus on Governance issues especially on social accountability, election, local government, women empowerment and education.
  • BSEHR has a balance workload, good working environment, gender friendly and scope for capacity building on a regular basis.